Holiday Decorating Service

Let us help you with your holiday decorating! We get it, life is busy or maybe you simply don't enjoy all the holiday let us help! We offer this service for all holidays and we have various options for your to choose from. 

  • We can recreate last year's decorations, using your photos for reference
  • We can use your existing decorations in new and creative ways for a refreshed look
  • We can source new fun items to add to your already amazing decorations to create a new look
  • We can give your home a complete makeover with a brand new holiday look and decorations

The consultation fee for our holiday decoration service is only $150 per hour.

On site decorating is $200 per hour


Get your Holiday Decorating Done in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Step 2

Doing the Work

Step 3

Love Your Home!

To get started, simply click on the link below and fill out the short form. We will then contact you and get your consultation scheduled.

The Initial Consultation is $150, will be at your home, and should last 1-2 hours.

At the consultation, we will discuss your thoughts and goals.

Once we have a plan, we will schedule a time to put the plan into action.

This will look differently for every client depending on what needs to be decorated and how much of the work each client wants us to undertake.

These details will be discussed at the Initial Consultation.

Once the process is complete, you will be able to relax and enjoy the holiday, knowing that all your decorations are in place and looking beautiful!

Be ready to enjoy your home and your holiday with complete peace of mind surrounded by your beautiful decorations!


 Ready to get started?

Simply click on the link below to get your Initial Consultation scheduled. 

The fee for the Initial Consultation is $150. 

On site decorating is $200 per hour.