Full Service Organizing

We understand that everyone has areas in their homes that accumulate clutter! These could be your closet, pantry, or mudroom...they're all filled to the brim and need organizing. This is where our services come into play. Whether you want to discuss ideas with us or get us to handle the organization ourselves, we're here to help you eliminate clutter and lead a more organized, peaceful life.

  • We offer full service organizing
  • Consultation available for brainstorming and planning
  • Consultation fee is $150
  • On Site Organizing is $200 per hour


Our Organizing Service Follows Three Easy Steps!

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Step 2

Doing the Work

Step 3

Love Your Home!

To get started, simply click on the link below and fill out the short form. We will then contact you and get your consultation scheduled.

The Initial Consultation is $150, will be at your home, and should last 1-2 hours.

At the consultation, we will discuss your thoughts and goals.

Once we have a plan, we will schedule a time to put the plan into action.

This will look differently for every client depending on what needs to be organized and how much of the work each client wants us to undertake.

These details will be discussed at the Initial Consultation.

Once the process is complete, you will be delighted with a newly organized space and a system to keep it that way!

Be ready to live life with extra time time on your hands and a more complete peace of mind.


Ready to get started?

Just click the link below! 

The Initial Consultation Fee is only $150.