Full Design Service

Whether building from the ground up or remodeling your already loved home, we can help!  Are you unsure of where to begin, too busy to begin, or are simply overwhelmed by all the choices? If any of those thoughts resonate with you, we offer a comprehensive design service that will guide you through every step of the exciting process of creating or transforming your spaces. Our goal at the completion of our partnership, is for you to walk into your new home, or remodeled "new" home, breath a sigh of relief, and realize that it is now your favorite place to be. 

  • Our Full Service Design Program is perfect for building a new home or remodeling an already loved home.
  • We start with a consultation to grasp your vision and bring it to life.
  • The initial consultation fee for our Full Design Service is $150 and will take 1-2 hours. 
  • Once we start, our fee is $200 per hour.


     Our Full Design Service Follows 3 Easy Steps:

    Step 1

    Initial Consultation

    Step 2

    Doing the Work

    Step 3

    Love Your Home!

    To get started, simply click on the link below and fill out the short form. We will then contact you and get your consultation scheduled.

    The Initial Consultation is $150, will be at your home, and should last 1-2 hours.

    At the consultation, we will come to your home to hear more about your goals and desires, and possibly scan your home to create a 3D model of your space.

    After the Initial meeting, we will get you set up with your own customer dashboard where you can see the various mood boards and room lay-outs we create. Throughout the process, whether this is a full gut/remodel or simply re-designing one room, we will stay in touch and make sure you know exactly what is going on. You won't ever have to wonder what your designer is doing with their time or where your dollars are going! We believe in transparency, working quickly, and delivering perfection!

    After our fun and easy design process is completed, you will be delighted with a home that is customized for you and reflects your design style.

    Be ready to love your new space!


    Ready to get Started?

    Just click on the link below. 

    We can’t wait to help you have the home of your dreams!!

     Full Service Design Initial Consultation Link