Uncertain Times

Uncertain Times

I'm not sure what your thoughts are at the moment, but I find myself continually going back and forth between, "This is being blown out of proportion!" to "Should I be freaked out?" to "I am freaking out!" But, one thing I am certain of...we are living in uncertain times. A pandemic. Sounds like a plot of a movie or a netflix special, but it's not. It's real life stuff right here in small town USA.

As a small business owner, momma, and daughter, I see this situation through different lenses. I am thankful that children are not at high risk, but mommas always worry, don't we? Last night at dinner we had all four of our teens/young adults home and we made all of them wash their hands prior to sitting down (I mean we have taught them to do this their whole lives...but we actually WATCHED them do it last night), and then we didn't even hold hands during the prayer! As I sent my oldest back to college I handed him a twenty...and a container of Clorox wipes. As a daughter, my concern is higher. My parents are in their seventies and are both healthy, so I rationally know that their chances of contracting the virus is still fairly low, but sometimes my irrational thoughts take over and I find myself wanting to monitor their every movement like they were my children! 

Now, as a small business owner? Our team met this morning and here is our plan at the moment:

  • We are providing Perk-You-Ups every day for all our shoppers...in-store & online...so make sure you are signed up for our emails and/or texts to get the promo codes, freebies, and special discounts! And, be watching our lives and stories for new arrivals. 
  • Free curbside pick-up - just make sure you ask for this in the notes section of your order...then call the store 972-923-0345 when you are ready for us to run out and meet you.
  • Free delivery for Ellis County - just make sure you put FREE DELIVERY in the notes section of your order. Your order will be delivered to you free of charge within 48 hours. 
  • 10% off your total order in-store when you show a receipt from another local business
  • On St. Patty's Day...17% off in-store & online and a free sip of green champagne from 2-6 (all the boutiques downtown are offering this same special...so this is a GREAT day to get out).
  • We ALWAYS steam every item! Steaming kills all germs...so our products are guaranteed germ-free!
  • All of our packaging items are made in the USA...and since I buy in bulk, they have all been in our store since before the virus broke out in China...so our packages are germ-free when they leave our store!
  • We are wiping down every surface twice a day...including our dressing rooms. 
  • And, we are drinking tons of caffeine, chewing lots of gum, eating all the chocolate, and taking extra ambien...just joking...lol!
  • Most importantly...we are PRAYING!

So, we are doing everything we know to do to keep the germs at bay, keep our business going, and calm the nerves. Yes, these are uncertain times, but I hope you, like me, continue to focus on those things that are CERTAIN...the joy that comes with new mercies every morning, the love of family and friends, and the peace that comes from our Father above!  

As always, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you...we sell only clothes...so unimportant in the big scope of life...but we love each of you dearly and thank God each day for the friendships and relationships this business has brought us! 

Be blessed...stay healthy...and wash those hands!



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