That Time Kelly Was On TV!

That Time Kelly Was On TV!

Y'all, Kelly was asked if her home could be featured on a TV Show! After picking herself up off the floor (she was shocked and, she jumped at the chance and said, "Yes"!

The show is called The American Dream, and our friend, Melissa Jones, had just become the newest host for our area of Texas. The show airs on Amazon Prime and is described as, "a National TV Show, combating negative media with the inspiring stories of American cities via real estate, lifestyle, and culture." Each episode highlights a real community, and the hosts give a glimpse into what makes each special. And Y'all, Melissa is the perfect host for our community! She is a realtor who goes above and beyond for her clients, is a community volunteer, and always has a smile and kind word for everyone she comes in contact with. She definitely has a love for people, her hometown of Waxahachie, and all the surrounding areas in our county.

For her first episode, Melissa said she wanted to feature Waxahachie and show  what makes our town so special, especially the historic architecture of our courthouse and the many restored historic homes. And, this is what brought her to ask Kelly to feature her home. 

The American Dream TV Show, Featured Home of Tom and Kelly Hale of Waxahachie, TX

Both of us live in historic homes and were active participants in restoring them. We feel honored to be a part of their histories, so Kelly was excited to share hers this way. The only caveat was that Kelly's home was no where near ready to be on TV. For one thing, she had Christmas decorations all over the place...some of which were hers, others for our clients. She also had boxes of items for our antique business sitting in her dining room that she had just picked up from an auction. And third, she had furniture pieces here and there that belonged in one of our client's home. It was a mess! At one point, she looked at Krista and said, "we can't possibly have this house ready in a week," to which Krista replied, "oh yes we can"!

So began a wild week, and we mean wild, because due to Christmas decorating appointments, we really couldn't get started on Kelly's home until that Thursday. So, on Thursday, finally, the big clean up started! We threw a wad of garland in the back of Krista's tahoe, and Kelly started decorating Christmas trees while Krista went up and down Kelly's stairs at least 100 times carrying a zillion boxes of vintage items that needed to be cleaned and priced. Susan, Kelly's mom was on board adding hooks to ornaments, tying bows, and wrapping presents. By the weekend, Kelly's daughter and husband were helping move around furniture, cleaning off porches, and well, just doing whatever Kelly ordered them to do. Lol! It was crazy. But, with all-these-hands-on-deck, by Monday morning, the day of the taping, the house was ready and honestly, looked better than it ever had!

Sometimes, it takes a village. And often, it takes a deadline! And when you have both, you get your home ready to be featured on a TV show! What an honor! What a joy! Kelly couldn't have done it all without her people, and she is so grateful! And we are so grateful to Melissa, for asking Kelly to feature her home, and for giving our little business a plug on the show. Truly, we are pinching ourselves! 

From our homes to yours,


Home of Tom and Kelly Hale, The American Dream TV Show, Waxahachie, Texas



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