New Home, New Decor, New Friends

New Home, New Decor, New Friends

One of our first clients was an amazing momma of two who built a new house and needed help deciding what to keep, what to donate or sell, and what was needed to make her new digs feel like home.

And y'all, God knew what he was doing when he gave us her as a client! From the moment we met her, it felt easy and comfortable...just what we needed!

We started by getting measurements, creating room plans (which we were just learning how to do...), and sourcing for specific items she already knew she would need. And from the beginning, she kept trusting us and was gracious as we fumbled a few times with software, time management, and delivery windows. 

Her amazing organizational skills helped make our job easy, and honestly helped us set up systems and procedures to use in the future. It was her idea to set out decor items on tables in her garage and place all her pictures against a wall in one room. She also knew which items were important to her and told us right away. This made it easy for us to first determine what to do with the items she didn't want to part with, clearly "shop" her other items to determine what would transition into this new home, and give us a specific idea of what would need to be purchased.

And if forgiving our hiccups and making our job easier wasn't enough, she also opened her life to us and reminded us of what true love and family looks like! She introduced us to her people, let us snuggle her baby, sent us home with snack baggies, made us fancy delicious coffee, and hugged our necks. She was just what these green decorators needed!

God is so good! As we come to the end of this project, we can honestly say that what started as a professional partnership, has ended in friendship. We look forward to future fun with her...babysitting for her, snuggling with her kiddos on her new couches after eating her chicken alfredo, and helping her plan her wedding! 

Thanks Abbye (and circle of people), for trusting us and loving us so well! 


Click on the picture below for a few more views of this beautiful home and please give us a follow while you're there. 

New Shelf newly decorated in a new home.

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