Declutter Challenge

Declutter Challenge

Well, our first Declutter Challenge comes to an end today. We didn't get it all accomplished, but we aren't beating ourselves up for it, either! Life is busy. Life is hectic. Life is unexpected.  

Every January, with the process of putting away holiday decorations, we get the itch to get life back in order...and with that comes organizing and decluttering. So, we decided to organize our decluttering. Lol! Take a peek at Kelly's calendar. All the circled days are items she didn't get to check off. And, when you see the goals she set, you can see she only finished one specific task she assigned to the month. But, at least she has a plan. And, she can now move those items she didn't get to, to next month's calendar. Steps such as these take the overwhelm out of projects, help you to stay on task, and help you celebrate all the things that did get accomplished. 

Our Lord and Savior is all about order. He even put an order to His own creation and made sure His process was written down in Genesis. We are trying to honor Him more and more with our lives, and living an organized, planned out life, is just one small way we can do that. This may sound over-the-top, or extreme to some, but when we put even the smallest things in our lives up against our first task of all, which is following Christ, then it makes sense to us. And, since God wants to be in the details of our lives, we take that to heart and want to make sure even our junk drawers are pleasing to Him. (Injected humor!) Honestly, we can never be perfect, and thankfully, we don't have to (Thank you Father!), but whatever each of us is called to do, to live our best lives for Christ, then we should do it. 

Grace. It's beautiful! When given by our God, or given to ourselves because we didn't finish a small challenge completely. What is important is that we keep moving forward & keep striving to live peaceful, joy-filled lives one day at a time. 

Below is a product board with all the items we purchased to start our decluttering journey. Feel free to take a peek. We made them all available to you in our Amazon Store. Just click on the photo for the link. Also, if you need help with your home, we would love to help you on your own decluttering journey. We can schedule a consultation to:

  • Help you create your own decluttering schedule & plan that you can do on your own time with mini check-ups with us.
  • Declutter & organize alongside you in your home.
  • We do all the decluttering and organizing for you.

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Let's Get You Started!

Thanks for following along on our journey...from our homes to yours!


Products we bought to use on our decluttering journey. We love them and recommend them!

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