2024 Design Trends

2024 Design Trends

We have been reading everything we can get our hands on over the past few weeks to determine what the "experts" are saying are the 2024 Design Trends, and to be honest, we are fascinated! 

We are fascinated by the actual trends themselves, but we are equally fascinated with the differing opinions about what those trends actually are, and what they actually look like. So, we spent some time weeding through the information and came up with what we see as four main style trends. 

BTW, if these overarching trends don't fit in the wheelhouse of your home, don't stress! We believe home design is personal and should reflect the one who lives there, meaning if you can sit in your chair and look around and love the room you're in, then your home is decorated exactly as it should be. However, if you sit in your chair and aren't satisfied, then maybe you'll find some inspiration below. (All pictures are from Instagram and credits are embedded in each photo.)

The Modern Cottage

The first trend we are going to dive into is what we call The Modern Cottage. This look has a European flair which mingles modern style and traditional timeless pieces. Think wainscotting, fabric lampshades, and muted floral wallpaper tied with gold hardware, a modern light fixture, and clean lines. These homes are cozy, nostalgic, and inviting. Stephanie Benedetto's calls her style "collected traditional with a European flare" and her home is a beautiful example of what we believe to be The Modern Cottage. The two images are from her home. Tap on them for a link to her instagram account, @bloomingivylane.

The third image is a lovely mudroom we could envision in a Modern Cottage. We love this deep blue paint. In fact, bold paint is having a moment. Read about it more in our next Design Trend (and stay tuned, because we will be talking about this more in the future). (Design by @kateabtdesign by way of @haverhill.home, photo by @stacyzaringoldberg). 

Do you have any Modern Cottage elements in your home? 

@bloomingivylane home, great example of 2024 design trend, The Modern Cottage


@bloomingivylane home, Dining Room, a great 2024 design trend example, The Modern Cottage

2024 Design Trend, The Modern Cottage, Blue Mudroom by @kateabtdesign


The Bold and Beautiful

This second trend is definitely having a comeback...think red dining rooms from 20-30 years ago. What's different this time around, is the actual colors, how much of a room is being drenched in that color, and what design pieces are being paired together in those colorful spaces. Picture jewel tones, with whole rooms - furniture, walls, and trim - all painted the same color, and often done in a glossy finish. Add bold gallery walls, a layered feel, shiny elements, and lots of the same! One one hard, this style is timeless and old world, on another, it is slightly stuffy with a fun flair.  A trending term for this style is Modern Maximalism. 

This first image is by Lisa Gilmore. She enveloped this cozy family room in a shade of raspberry by Sherwin Williams. Of this room Gilmore said, "it will wrap you in this scruptious hug of color." 

Lisa Gilmore's design of a Raspberry color-drenched room. Design Trend 2024, Bold and Beautiful. Modern Maximalism.

Another great example is what Kati Curtis did to this bedroom! This room is bold in color and print, making it feel layered and cozy. It reminds us of a magical sleep in a magical cabin, deep deep in some magical wood. 

Kati Curtis Bold and Beautifully Designed Bedroom, 2024 Design Trend

Next is a Bold and Beautiful Dining Room by Frank Francis. It's a mix of greens and blacks so profuse, one hardly knows where one color starts and another begins. This is the epitome of this design trend! We found this image by way of Taft Alexander's Instagram Account. His feed is full of images that feed into this Trend! Click on the image to follow!

 Frank Frances Designed Dining Room, Bold and Beautiful, 2024 Design Trend

Lastly, we couldnt do this Design Trend justice without some Ralph Lauren (and the fact that we both love bold color and RL)! No matter what Mr. Lauren does, it's epic. And this room image is the definition! This image was for Architectural Digest, and it's just ageless!

Ralph Lauren room for Architectural Digest, Example of 2024 Design Trend of Bold Color and Maximalism.


 Cozy, Warm Luxury

This Third Design Trend has given us a run for our money! It encompasses so many traits traits that we almost divided it into two seperate ideals. However, the more we studied it, the more we realized that it is what it is. Words that we use to describe this style are harmonious, organic, warm, earthy, textured, monochromatic, restrained, moody, intimate, and understated. This style embraces neutrals, but mainly hues that come from nature, so greens and blues are ok as long as they are muted and dusty. Brown is the focal color. Materials will often be natural wood and stone, and textiles will often include nubby textures or velvety ones . These rooms can be dark or light, will always be uncluttered, might or might not feel minimalistic, and will often include modern design married seamlessly with highly crafted vintage items. They are complex and simple all at once.

This first image is of a great room seen on Tammy Schmidt's Instagram site, @novelinteriors, created by The Lifestyled Co. You can feel the calm in this room. 

The Life Styled Co perfectly neutral room. Design Trends of 2024. Warm, Cozy, Luxury

Next is an example of a kitchen that embodies what we see as the Cozy, Warm Luxurious Trend, and it's a stunner! Amber Lewis featured this kitchen on her instagram as the homeowner purchased items from her shop. We would love to cook in this kitchen!

Amber Lewis of @amberinteriors featured this kitchen. Design Trends 2024

We would be amiss if we didn't showcase Shea McGee's home! She has built a small empire based on the core values of this design trend! We love this image of her own home. Click on the photo for more of her style!

Shea McGee's home, Design Trends 2024

And last, for our Warm, Cozy, Luxurious Design Trend, we are featuring a close up of the living room of Megan Gieber. This image has that earthy and moody look that we often see in this trend. And, see that tapestry? Stay tuned, as you are about to see more and more of these amazing textiles.

Megan Giever's Living Room, Warm and Luxurious, Design Trends 2024


 Avant Garde

This last trend is an interesting one, and we love it. Avant Garde Style often refers to individualistic, innovative, expressive, and/or experimental. Maybe we love this trend so much because it is reflective of our own styles. Kelly loves nature, and her home reflects this in her collections of shells, taxidermy, and earthy textures. Krista's home is full of hunt cabinets, barley twists, and the patina of florentine trays. Both of us build our style around what we love, and Avant Garde is personal. Other elements you might see within this trend are collections, conversation starter items, and eclectic things that you don't see often. Trendy decor may be admired, but it is not the dictator of this style. An Avant Garde home or room will reflect it's owner. It could be minimalist, maximalist, playful, or serious. But one thing it will have, is a design all it's own. 

In this first example of Avant Garde Style, we are pulling from the home of Judy Aldridge. Give her a follow on her instagram @atlantishome and discover more about her and her style, and where she shops for most of her home items. 

Judy Aldrige's Home. Example of Avant Garde Style. 2024 Design Trends.

Next up is an image from Kami Gray. Kami shares so many amazing homes on her Instagram site, and if that wasn't reason enough to follow her (click on the image), her fun heart-felt captions are worth every read. Her personality is what you find here, and no wonder her home looks like this! This is Avant Garde Style at it's peak!

Kami Gray of @psychologieofhome. Avant Garde Style, Design Trends 2024

Melissa Parks is another stylist that has an Avant Garde Style and Spirit. She is a collecter, and a seller, and a collecter...probably in that order. The snippets of her home that she shares on her site @megillicutti (click on the image below) are tiny treasures of what the larger treasure of who she is must be like! We would love to have coffee with her. (And this is just one corner of her kitchen!)

Melissa Parks's Kitchen, Avant Garde Style, 2024 Design Trends


So, there they are, the four 2024 Design Trends that we devised based on the many many many articles we read over the last few months. These images and links we have included are such great examples of all of them. And, we can honestly say we love elements of each, and maybe that is why we both fall under Avant Garde. Lol. We just love design and decorating. 

And, on another note, within these 4 overarching Design Trends, we found a myriad of other "trends" that overlap and fall within these four styles. They are specific to paint colors, wood tones, and furniture elements. We will be writing a blog post about those shortly. They are also fun and fascinating to learn about. 

Design IS fun, and home is SO important. And, even though we fully believe our time on this earth is fleeting, we want to make the most of it and surround ourselves with what brings us joy and comfort. How about you? If you could choose one of these 2024 Design Trends to spend your next few years within, which would it be? Would you live in a Modern Cottage? Go where it's Bold and Beautiful? Opt for a Warm, Cozy, Luxurious home, or build your own Avant Garde Style? Let us known in the comments below! 

As always...From our homes to yours,


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