10 Songs that Got Me Through 2020

10 Songs that Got Me Through 2020

Let's face it, 2020 was hard on everyone! What a year! As I write this post, I certainly don't want to send the message that it was harder on me than the next person, but, I will say that on top of everything that happened worldwide, I was...and still are...dealing with my health. Bear with me...this post really is about music...but I felt like you needed a little background...plus, some of you may be wonrdering where in the world I have disappeared to!

In March, when COVID hit, I was having my last cancer treatment and believing I was back on my way to normal. (LOL...whatever that is, right?) Then, I found out I was having thyroid issues. OK, not too out there. Well, we got that straightened out, then I got COVID! I look back and realize I should have taken my own suppressed immune system a little more serious, but I am one of those people that before cancer, hardly even got a cold. I just take my health for granted!

So, yes, I did get COVID in mid-October. Luckily I was out of town and never made it back in the store, so we did not have to shut down. Well, long story short, I developed viral pneumonia, which by the end of December developed into a rare Organizing Pneumonia. I am so relieved we know what it is and I am on the right meds now, so I am getting better every day! The recovery is slow, so it may be a while before I am fully back. 

OK, now to the songs! Through this year, in the midst of everything, I have found myself pressing into the Lord in a new and powerful way! He is teaching me through His word, time spent with Him, and through music. So here are 10 songs that have been on my playlist this year, and how each has impacted my life. 

 Your Peace Will Make Us One  by Audrey Assad

I found myself searching for songs about Peace one morning and came across this version of The Battle Hymn of the Republic. How fitting that this song has been rewritten to claim that His Peace Will Make Us One! We need His peace in our hearts, in our nation, in our world. 

Awake My Soul by Hillsong Worship

This is Probably my most played song! I love the idea of Awaking My Soul! It starts with an image...of the sound of the Savior's robes as he walks into the room where people pray. I CANNOT get enough of this! This song states that where we see prayer and praise, He sees FAITH. 

So Will I (100 Billion X) by Hillsong Worship

If you have ever been inside my home, you can tell that I love nature! I am just blown away by God's creativity! I can't wait to ask Him all about it! LOL! But until that day, this song has captured my vision of how it all went down, and how we are to respond to Him! Our world may be in turmoil, but look at all the beauty around us! 

Rescue by Lauren Daigle

The very first line of this song grabbed by heart. "You are not hidden." And, we aren't. We are not hidden from Him. We are not defenseless. He hears our cries. He is in the busines of rescuing his lambs...us, His children. We may feel like we don't deserve it...but that is on us. If we are His, He will rescue us!

You Say by Lauren Daigle

Of course this song! I give my team morning self-care homework sometimes, and listening to this song is often all that's on the list, then I tell them to BELIEVE it. Our worth and identity is in Him! Period! And, I choose to Believe it!

It is Well by Bethel Music & Kristene Dimarco

This song is usually one I listen to when I am really struggling. Molly, my daughter, is the person who shared this song with me...so that makes it special to me, of course. But, this song...the lines "so let it go my soul and trust in Him, the waves and wind still know His name" is a massive reminder to me that He is in control!

Defender by Francesca Battistelli

 This song has taught me ALL I need to do is pray, worship, bow down, & stay still. Battles rage around us...spiritual, terrorism, racism, hate, health, financial challenges, etc...but we have one who goes ahead of us and fights for us when we just simply do these four things. This song ends with, "when I thought I'd lost me, you knew where I'd left me, you reintroduced me to Your love. You picked up all my pieces, put me back together, you are the defender of my heart"! Powerful words! So, just pray, worship, bow down, & stay still. He's got the rest!

There Was Jesus by Zach Williams & Dolly Parton

This song is a reminder that when I look back on my life, I see Jesus's fingerprints everywhere! This makes my heart grateful and helps me have faith for my future! And, Dolly Parton! Any song with her singing is gonna catch my ear! On top of that, this song taught me a huge lesson. I have always been one for self-resiliency. I am so like my Dad. We are just the kind of people who believe we can do just about anything we want or have to do. If there is a will, there is a way. Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but in reality, Christ-resiliency is what I need to be after! Not me, but Christ in me! Thank God He has intervened in my life and kept me from going down some pretty bad roads!

Come To the Table by the Sidewalk Prophets

When I am feeling low, I can play this song and instantly feel better! Something about the fact that I am FORGIVEN and have a place at the Savior's table...right next to Him...blows my mind! This song says "this motley crew of misfits". Isn't that the truth? We are all sinners. But when we sit down at his table, we are set FREE! All of us have this opportunity...no matter what we have done! Forgiveness is as simple as asking and believing. That's all it takes to sit at His table! 

The Blessing - Live by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, & Elevation Worship

I have a customer who is going through her own health struggle. She is a WARRIOR and her strength has given me strength this year! About a year ago she did a post about this song. I had totally forgotten about it. Well, it is now on solid repeat in my life!   I used to feel greedy to ask for these things...but it is our birthright if we are born again! It's time to walk in WHO we are! We all want and need His blessings and favor in our life...and in the generations that will follow us...our kids and grandkids! We just need to recieve and agree! It is THAT simple! He is FOR us!

So there you have it. My list of must-listen-to songs! I hope you'll download them and listen to them, and that they will impact your life like they have mine. Y'all, in the midst of turmoil and change, there is good news! 

May you and your families stay safe and healthy in 2021! Thank you always for supporting my little dream...we would not be here without you! Oh, and I am praying and believing in big blessings and favor over your lives! 



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